TFA Caramel (Cappuccino) 30 ml

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Kode Produk: TFA Caramel (Cappuccino) 30 ml

Water soluble.

***Warning: this flavor is STRONG! it is a nod to those customers who want really really strong flavors. so please be forewarned. if you usually dilute to 20%, you might want to skip this one (you will need to dilute this to 5% or less, or 1 drop per 10ml) also, although may customers love this flavor, there are also customers who really dislike it, so once again, we recommend you try the small size to see if it will work for you! *Please! be forwarned! this flavor has a very intense black coffee note as well, and is going to smell very very strong and rather unpleasant. THIS FLAVOR IS DESIGNED FOR CUSTOMERS WHO WANT EXTREME CONCENTRATIONS

*** Note: This flavor contains 'custard' ingredients: Acetoin.

The following link explains the frequent questions & concerns involving custard notes.

Ingredients: Natural & Artifical Flavors, Propylene Glycol.

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