Liqua Elements

Liqua Elements

New look. Improved formulation.
Regulatory compliance.

VG 50%, Nicotine level 6mg for tobacco flavor, 3mg for other flavor

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LE - American Blend 30ml
Classic Virginia tobaccos, with hints of honey, blend together to create smooth and sweet American B..

LE - Blackcurrant 30ml
Blackcurrant has a sweet taste that resembles fresh marmelade, with sweet and sour undertones and a ..

LE - Caramel 30ml
Improve your day with the sweet, sweet taste of chewy caramel contained in a delicious vape. ..

LE - Chocolate 30ml
Chocolate offers a pleasantly rich, velvety, Belgium chocolate taste, accompanied by a rich fragranc..

LE - Coffee 30ml
The perfect blend of roasted Italian coffee beans, hints of caramel and nuts and a pleasantly sweet ..

LE - Cola 30ml
A rich and pleasantly sweet flavor, complimented by a hint of lemon and lime, and finished with a sw..

LE - Cookies 30ml
A delicious, sugary butter cookie captured in a vape that you are sure to love. ..

LE - Cream 30ml
This is a sweetened cream flavor which will sweeten your day, all day long. ..

LE - Melon 30ml
Enjoy the fresth taste of juicy honeydew melons. A sweet, refreshing favorite. ..

LE - Orange 30ml
This vape combines the sweet notes of mandarins and oranges into a refreshing blend of sweet and sou..

LE - Pineapple 30ml
Tropical sweetness with just the right amount of tartness. This is the taste of real pineapple. ..

LE - Strawberry 30ml
A distinctive natural flavor of freshly harvested strawberries and a gently lingering sweet aroma. ..

LE - Two Mints 30ml
Stimulate your senses with this refreshing blend of sweet and herbal minty tones. ..