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Setiap pemesanan Starter Kit, DISARANKAN untuk juga memesan Koil cadangan (Dapat ditemukan dibagian "Parts & Accessories" )
Koil Cadangan untuk Starter Kit ini adalah "BDC for iJust, iKit, iGo"

Standard configuration:

2×Mini iJust Mouthpiece
1×Mini iJust Atomizer Tube (1.8ml)
2×BDC Atomizer Head
1×Mini iJust Atomizer Base
1×Mouthpiece Cover
1×Mini iJust Battery 900mah
3×USB Port Cover
1×Mini iJust USB Cable
1×Mini iJust Wall Charger
1×Mini iJust User Manual

a) New Type of Atomizer Head: BDC (bottom dual coil) Atomizer Head
It constitutes two coils, a great deal enhancing the effectiveness of vaporisation and bringing you different experiences. BDC atomizer head ensures the large amount of vapor under low voltage, no burning taste under high voltage and no leakage. Its mouthpiece is pluggable. Additionally, the detachable, washable and changeable atomizer head enables the filaments to be easily cleaned.

b) Mini iJust Atomizer: BCC-GT atomizer
Features 14mm in diameter: Stainless steel with glass window. From the window, the volume of the e-liquid is pretty open-and-shut.

c) Adjustable Voltage:
The voltage range varies from 3.3 V to 5.0 V. Through turning around the knob either in right direction or in left direction, user can adjust its voltage to his taste.

d) Steel battery tube: Better craft and superior material highlights the nobleness of Mini iJust.

e) Vaping while charging: Users can get a puff while charging, there is no need to wait the e-cig being fully-charged.

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