Waspada Cairan Isi Ulang Rokok Elektrik Feellife Palsu

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Banyaknya cairan isi ulang rokok elektrik Feellife palsu yang beredar di Indonesia membuat Feellife secara resmi mengeluarkan pernyataan secara spesifik bahwa saat ini banyak Feellife palsu yang beredar di Indonesia, khususnya di Jakarta.

Berikut adalah pernyataan resmi dari Feellife:

Dear customers,

Thanks so much for your trust and support for so long.

Recently, a lot of counterfeit products in the name of FEELLiFE are selling with a very low price through B2C website or stores, especially in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To protect your rights and interests, we hereby remind you that please get FeelLife's products through authorized distributors or wholesalers, or from our sales representative (all of our sales are using the email form as name@feellife.com) directly, thus can guarantee you the best after-sales services and avoid delusion.

FEELLiFE is reserving the rights and taking legal action to secure consumers’ rights escaping from the chaos market damaging FEELLiFE's reputation and caused consumer loss.

Quality & Service we always promise to you.


Kamu juga dapat mengakses halaman tersebut di sini:         

Vap Inc hanya menjual cairan isi ulang rokok elektrik vaporizer Feellife asli dan akan terus berkomitmen untuk terus menjual Feellife asli.

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